During a round of layoffs, Hu Jianlin, a fitter is mistakenly transferred to the headquarters. Caught up in this “misplacement” incident, the HR manager Ma Jie is forced to conceal and maneuver around the situation to save his job. Moving from a "factory" to a "big company," and transitioning from "blue-collar" to "gold-collar," Hu Jianlin's inability to fit into the corporate environment leads to numerous comedic situations.

Watch as Hu Jianlin's humorous struggles in his new role shed light on workplace dynamics. Can he rise in the corporate world during downsizing, and will Ma Jie escape the "misplacement" incident? Uncover the shocking truth behind this unusual turn of events.


Director: Runnian Dong

Type: Comedy/Drama

Release date: 2023-12-29

Length: 117 mins

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