About Us

Tiger Pictures Entertainment Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a comprehensive film & TV company specializing in film & TV production and the import & issue of overseas film & TV copyrights. Since its establishment, the company has participated in the production of many films with different themes, such as "Inseparable ", "Thrilling Eve" and "Bottom line".

The company's core management are graduated from film & TV major of well-known colleges in the domestic and overseas , with more than ten years of working experience in major film & TV corporations. The producers have participated in the development of cinema film projects such as "A Wedding Invitation" and "Miss Granny", and all have extensive experience in film & TV project development; In addition, the company is working with many overseas excellent film & TV production teams in Hong Kong, South Korea, the United States to develop high-quality film & TV projects in pre-development, production & shooting and post-production.

While dedicating to domestic original development, the company takes advantage of the company's 11-year overseas procurement of films. A series of operations including IP screening, market positioning, cross-media interactive design, and script development aiming at market taste for novels, comics, animations, and film IPs in overseas markets such as South Korea and the United States, which are carried out localized development by professional teams. In 2018-2019, despite the difficulties in cultural exchanges between China and South Korea, we still insisted on cooperating with powerful the companies such as JTBC, SBS, KBS, CJ, TVN and Lotte. And in the past year, we have successfully cooperated with many film & TV works such as "The Cabin in the Woods", "The Journey", "The Light in Your Eyes", " Coffee Friends", "The Secret Life of My Secretary", "Big Issue" and so on.

Our company looks forward to fighting for various business opportunities with companies of the industry and working hard to produce excellent works.

1000 oversea films

we have collaborated with renowned film / TV production companies from Europe, North America, South Asia, North Asia and Mainland China in establishing stable and extensive inflight licensing channels.

international distribution

licensing film/TV copyrights for airlines inflight entertainment program, domestic distribution and merchandise development and sales.