The story takes place on a wonderful night in Changsha. Jing Weiwei , a night owl, meets He Xixi , who will be leaving her hometown tomorrow in a bookstore, and they meet up for a night out. He Xixi talked about her half brother He An who was a talk show actor. At that night‘s performance, He An’s father appeared in the audience but they didn’t have a nice time.

On the other side, Chen Qingzhi, Liang Baoqi and Lao Xie are guarding the Ferris wheel. While enjoying the night scene, they lament that it is not easy to work.

As the night deepens, it is also the last time that Sister Li, the owner of the popular stall takes charge of the cooking, and she decides to let her apprentice Brother Xu take over and continue to run the stall. The night is coming to end, a group of people sitting together in the stall shivering noodles, encounters, love, stay, leave, reconciliation, reunion, all happened in the city, and all of them found a reason to love this place deeply.

Title: Tale of the Night

Director: Ji Zhang

Type: Drama/Love

Release date: 2023-04-28

Length: 106 mins

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