The descendant of the gold toucher, Hu Bumai, is bent on saving money to find his missing
brother. He and the deserter Lao Lei went to the village of Wu Zi to make coffins, and what
they did not expect was that the one waiting for them in the village of Wu Zi was none other
than the three masters of Peng who went to the grave with his brother.
At this time, the lumber business Miss Zhu Sha came to collect debts, and captured Peng San
master, Hu Bumai for the truth to help but ended up encountering wild man attack nearly
died. The house of Mr. Pang was almost burned. Zhu Sha asked Hu Bumai to go with her to
find the ghost fairy stone to save his brother, Hu Bumai had to agree to go to the tomb, and in
the tomb waiting for everyone is an unexpected danger.


Director: -

Type: Action/Adventure

Release date: 2021-11-02

Length: 80 mins

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